Reasons Why It is Right to Cut Down a Tree 

We all know the importance of trees for us and the whole world, trees produce oxygen which is needed by almost all of the living things in the Earth. This is why we are opposed to the concept of cutting down trees because we are only harming ourselves and our environment. 

Even if we all agree with the statement above, there are real circumstances, however, that requires the cutting down of a tree. Trees are usually cut down usually when they pose greater harm than the benefit it gives, and you have to know these instances, so you can keep yourself and your family safe. To give you knowledge, are the reasons why it is right to cut down a tree. 

  1. The Tree is Old and Weak

Because of age or disease, trees grow weak and old; signs of weakness of trees include leaning down to one direction, breaking of branches and cracking of trunk. When this description fits your tree or a tree nearby you, then you have to consider on cutting it down eventually.  

Cutting the old and weak tree is justifiable because they can suddenly break down without notice, and they can damage your property. They can smash your car flat, or they can cause significant structural damage to your house, or worse, they can injure or take away lives. 

  1. They can Spread Disease

Like any living thing, a tree can acquire a disease or virus, and they can slowly deteriorate from it. If this happens to your tree or a nearby tree from your place, better take the initiative and cut them down. If you are looking for a professional who can do the job rightly and efficiently, visit to have the job done.  

If you prolong their agony, there would be a chance that the disease or virus can spread to other trees as well. This will cause a huge problem because when the time comes, a lot of trees would have to be cut down and you would lose the precious living things that keep the air cool and fresh.  

  1. They Can Damage Utility Lines

Another instance wherein it is right to cut down a tree is when they are growing so tall they can damage the utility lines. This is a very big trouble because it will not only cause an inconvenience to you but your community as well. A power outage is such a hassle, especially nowadays that the function of almost all technology needs electricity to work.  

A power outage is only small though, compared to the damage that will ensue if your tree damages the utility lines and the electricity would cause a fire. Fire as we know can burn down all of your things, and it can also cause the loss of lives.  


Now, we know the reasons that should prompt us to cut down our tree. These are when they are old and weak, they have disease and virus, and when they can damage the utility lines. You should not hurry on cutting them down though because there are ways to cure them and they can be trimmed, so they don’t incur damage. 

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